My Story

I am a Mechanical Engineer that graduated from North Carolina State University in May of 2002. Since graduating, I’ve worked as a Mechanical Engineer for over ten years. I’ve worked for Defense Contractors, a Patent Research Firm, a start up in the Maritime Industry, and even for a university working on a research project. I’ve worked for small companies as small as ten people and with companies as large as 40,000 people and can tell you what the pros and cons are of both.

My Design Experience

I have designed and tested artillery fuses for the military, worked as patent researcher at the US Patent office, designed equipment for the army and navy including autonomous submarines. I’ve also worked on ballast tank filtration systems for cargo ships, gas phase filtration systems for Museums, and even helped designed a CO2 laser system to measure gravity waves from a black hole.

I created this website to help people learn what are all the different things that a mechanical engineer can do. Basically, to answer the question, What do mechanical engineers do?

If you have a question about mechanical engineering or if you would like to ask me about my experience, you can just email me.